If you are interested in being a delegate to the PCC from your state please follow these steps:

First, check on our roster of state delegates (listed by State) or contact the PCC Executive Director, W. Bruce Lee for the status of your state’s delegates.

The PCC is comprised of 100 permanent delegates – one from each legislative chamber of most states, and two delegates from Nebraska as the sole unicameral state legislature. Each legislative chamber is free to choose their particular delegate (as well as alternates) to represent that chamber on the PCC. 

While this is unusual, the same individual may be assigned to represent both the House and the Senate of a particular state. Furthermore, the individual(s) selected does not necessarily have be an elected or sitting member of either legislative chamber.

Second, there is a rather straightforward and simple Delegate Appointment form to be completed and filed with the Executive Director of the PCC. A copy of the appointment form can be found here

Third, recognized legislative leadership of the appointing upper or lower chamber must sign the appointment form.

Fourth, the completed form is to be returned by email to the PCC Executive Director, W. Bruce Lee, at Bruce.Lee@Phoenix-Correspondence-Commission.gov or by mail to PO Box 1862, Loomis, CA 95650.

Delegate appointments are permanent until the legislative chamber chooses to appoint a replacement. Each legislative chamber is free to choose their delegates in whatever manner they see fit.