The American people are strong and resilient, but they are represented by a government that is not necessarily the same. The US Congress is broken – in my opinion – beyond belief.

When the American people look to their capital, they see a twisted knot of lobbyist, corporate interest, and a mountain of debt that just gets higher and higher. We now spend over $1 trillion more than we bring in every year.

Congress isn’t just balance by the Supreme Court and the President, but also by the States. Article 5 of the Constitution gives the States the power to pick up the slack when Congress refuses to act.

The Framers were wise to include a tool for the people and the States to act when a Congress refuses to. And considering how broken and dysfunctional Congress is, and the dire threats we face from our debt and inflation crisis, the American people would be wise to use it.

US Senator Mike Braun, IN